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Left to Right
Keith Roth • vocals/guitar
Clint Gascoyne • drums
Tommy Tafaro • guitar/backing vocals
Eric Hoagland • bass/backing vocals


For a band to say that their latest album is “the best thing we’ve ever done” is pretty standard promotional practice, but in the case of FRANKENSTEIN 3000 and their 2012 release Allerton Avenue, the cliché also happens to be a fact. After a year that saw them sharing the stage with such legends as David Johansen (New York Dolls), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Billy Rath (Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers), Urge Overkill and The Waldos (which features Walter Lure from Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers), FRANKENSTEIN 3000 recorded Allerton Avenue quicker and took more chances than on any previous album. Back up singers (on “Another Way”), horns (on “Coming Down (Mint Memo)”) and a psychedelic experiment (a cover of Love’s “The Red Telephone”) all come together to make the most adventurous yet most cohesive FRANKENSTEIN 3000 album to date. Allerton Avenue features the signature FRANKENSTEIN 3000 sound while at the same time expanding on everything that has come before it. “Caesar”, an homage to the 4:30 Movie, and the Johnny Thunders tribute “Thunder” can be described as “classic F3K”, but their take on the southern boogie of ZZTop’s “Heard It On The X” and the hardcore punkish “Bully” (clocking in at just 47 seconds) definitely break new ground for the band.

FRANKENSTEIN 3000’s Allerton Avenue began as a handful of demos for a the upcoming film Let Me Down Hard. Most of the music from 2011’s Method To Our Madness was written for the film, too, but the director had requested very specific styles for a few new scenes so the band got to work. FRANKENSTEIN 3000 didn’t expect to follow up Method... so quickly, but before they knew it they had a whole new album written— an album which plays like flashbacks to singer/guitarist Keith Roth’s childhood. Roth, along with guitarist Tommy Tafaro, drummer Clint Gascoyne and bassist Eric Hoagland, has crafted a trip through the past with feet firmly planted in the present and pointing toward the future.

As with their last few releases, the band recorded the tracks for Allerton Avenue at Planet Griershaft, but this time took them to Bobby Pantella (Monster Magnet, The Atomic Bitchwax) to be mixed. The result is the next best thing to a FRANKENSTEIN 3000 live performance, a barrage of guitars, vocals and drums that slaps you upside the head, tears out your heart and punches you in the gut.

Upcoming shows with Spacehog, Cinderella and Manitoba will surely only secure FRANKENSTEIN 3000’s position on the current musical landscape. Keep an eye out for them... they’ve never been better.


Following hot on the heels of their early 2012 release, Allerton Avenue, FRANKENSTEIN 3000 returns with Escape From Planet Omega!, a collection of recordings from various sessions and line ups... it’s what they intended their debut to be. The New York City area band is finally happy with the Omega project, more than 7 years in the making.

Guitarist/vocalist Keith Roth says “When [current guitarist] Tommy Tafaro joined FRANKENSTEIN 3000 in 2007 we rehearsed for 2 months and recorded Welcome To Planet Omega in 48 hours. The plan was to capture the excitement we were feeling, but the result was less than we had anticipated.”

“We had recorded the album twice with two different guitarists before Tommy came on board” says drummer Clint Gascoyne, “but obviously we wanted him on the official release of Welcome To Planet Omega. Maybe we rushed it. It wasn’t until recently that Keith and I talked about putting together the best recordings from all of those sessions as the penultimate Omega record.”

“We were never happy with the mixes on Welcome To Planet Omega” says Keith. “The performances were definitely there... that’s never been a problem with this band. Some takes were used that weren’t meant for the final version and I always hoped we’d be able to revisit the project someday. Now seemed like the perfect time.”

After rummaging through old tapes FRANKENSTEIN 3000 found the superior version of each song intended for Omega, like “Goin’ Away”, “Fooled In The Rain”, “Independence”, “Thunder” and “One Time”. They also unearthed some cover songs recorded during the time, including “Rock Show” (originally by Wings), “Sugarbuzz” (originally by Marvelous 3), “I Love Livin’ In The City” (originally by Fear), “Judgement Day” (originally recorded for a Love And Rockets tribute) and “Long Way To Go” (originally recorded for an Enuff Z’Nuff tribute). The last song on the compilation, “Let Me Down Hard”, is a JOhn Eddie song and the title track from an upcoming film.

Escape From Planet Omega! closes a chapter in the FRANKENSTEIN 3000 story... a chapter the band has been looking to finish for a long time.

In the past year FRANKENSTEIN 3000 has shared the stage with such rock ‘n’ roll luminaries as David Johansen (New York Dolls), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Urge Overkill and D Generation to name but a few. Never ones to waste any time, the band will continue to perform into the new year and have already begun writing sessions for their next release.



©2012 Frankenstein 3000 • Photo credit ©2010 Billy DeVizia